Position: Wholesale Business Platform

SeeBiz Ecosystem for Wholesalers, an innovative project by SeeBiz, is an online sales portal and networking platform that allows manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to exchange goods and connect with each other at one place.

By providing a social platform where businesses can conveniently connect with their desired dealers, Seebiz puts an end to the hassle that comes with traditional ways of doing business.

This B2B platform allows business owners to keep all their metrics in one place and perform important business-related tasks with the click of a button.

  • No more worrying about losing contacts and addresses or keeping them in place.
  • Get instant access to all updates in the network.
  • A digital model of traditional wholesale system.
  • Decide pricing for your peers using “group pricing” feature.

Some of the distinct features of SeeBiz are:

  • B2B Networking
  • Omni-Channel Marketplace
  • Business Networking
  • Strong Communication Tools
  • Product organizing by Group Pricing
  • Contact Organizing

With all this information in hand the businesses can concentrate on their goals, and get an insight of all the modern trends!

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